Vanzzini Art Studio Policies

Policies, Terms and Conditions

1.) Final Sales. Due to safety reasons, all ready made artwork and any premium grade art supply purchased is a final sale. All felonious charge backs can result in additional bank charges incurred by Vanzzini Art Studio and court filing fees if deemed necessary. 

2.) Shipping. The Client will always be communicated within enough notice once their artwork is completed, they will be sent an invoice to cover shipping costs, if applicable*.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ The Client is aware that they have 5 calendar days after being notified, to complete payment or they are forfeiting the completed artwork. A refund of any kind will not be allotted to the Client as they have forfeited the Goods. *Artwork exceeding $300 or more will be subject to the Client covering the shipping cost. I will always present the most economical option for the Client unless requested a certain carrier of their choice.

 3.) Local pick up/delivery. Local delivery is not to exceed more than 10 miles from Vanzzini Art Studio. Anything beyond 10 miles will require customs to be shipped accordingly.

4.) Retainer/Payment Plan. When a payment plan is initiated for a custom, a retainer is required for half (50%) of the total amount due and only 25% of this retainer is refundable to the Client if they choose to terminate the contract within the cancellation time frame. The client has 5 calendar days to complete the invoices sent. Please Note: If the artist terminates the custom booking due to non payment of ANY invoice, there are ZERO refunds of any kind.  

5.) Remaining Balance Owed. The artist will communicate with enough time when requested custom(s) are completed. An invoice will be sent for the remaining balance owed and the Client has the option (if applicable) to include their shipping costs with the sent invoice. If shipping is not included within this invoice, the artist will send a separate invoice to the Client and the Client has 5 calendar days to complete the shipping invoice. The client forfeits their custom on the 6th calendar day and zero refunds of any kind will be allotted for this specific forfeiture.  

6.) Cancellation. The Client can request to cancel their custom booking within 5 calendar days, however, the Client will only receive 25% of the paid retainer. 

7. Risk of Loss. The risk of loss will be on the Artist until the time when the Artist ships the requested custom and the Client accepts delivery or picks up their order. The Artist shall maintain any and all necessary insurance in order to insure the custom against loss during shipment. However, the Artist is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen packages while in transit to the Client.  

 8. Liability. The Artist and Vanzzini Art Studio are not liable for any damage or injury related to the artwork or being handled incorrectly.  

 9. Excuse for Delay or Failure to Perform. Each order is custom designed and requires design components unique to each produced work. This may result in delays from suppliers, transportation, material shortages, Acts of God, or any additional delays outside of the Artists control. The Artist shall notify the Client upon acknowledgement that the work will not be delivered by the mentioned timeframe during the consultation or online order/booking. 

 10. Termination. The Client reserves the right to terminate their order/booking and the Artist or representative of the Artist will issue a full refund only if the Artist fails to perform the terms of the agreement due to severe illness or death of the Artist. 

11.) Forfeiture. The Artist is allowed to either sale, donate, or gift any completed customs that have been forfeited by the Client. The Client understands that a forfeiture occurs when an invoice is not completed within 5 calendar days, a cancellation request occurs and the custom has been started, or the Artist terminated the agreement.

By selecting "I Agree" at checkout when purchasing with Vanzzini Art Studio - the Client is agreeing to these Policies, Terms and Conditions.